Study of Competitive Intelligence
Study of Competitive Intelligence
  Competitive intelligence is a continuous process monitoring competitive environment, which is an accurate, relevant, specific, timely, forward-looking and maneuverable intelligence on environment of business operations, rivals and institutions as collected, analyzed and transmitted in professional way. As a information can save an enterprises, and a conception can make an enterprise realize leaping development, a comprehensive competitive intelligence can provide enterprises with scientific guarantee for strategic decision-making, which can bring enormous economic and social benefits for them. Over 90% top 500 enterprises in the world have established relatively optimal competitive intelligence system.
Value of competitive intelligences as provided by us
  ◆ Enterprise warning system
  ◆ Decision-making support system for enterprises
  ◆ Study tools for enterprises
  ◆ An important part of information construction by enterprises
Our service contents
  ◆ Study of intelligences on competitive environment
  ◆ Study of intelligence on rivals: Core contents include analysis of strategies, intention, advantages, weak points and reaction of rivals.
  ◆ Study of intelligence on competition strategies
Major methods and models

  ◆ Theoretical basis for analysis of rivals---Game theory
  ◆ Major analysis models: Potter competitor analysis model (figure) and Kotler's competitor analysis chain.