Study of Investment Opportunities
Study of Investment Opportunities
  Study of investment opportunities means identification of investment opportunities, which refers to preparatory investigation and study for the purpose of seeking valuable investment opportunities. It aims to discover investment opportunities and projects, and put forward propositions on investment orientation and project conception.
Basic requirements for selection of investment opportunities
  ◆Satisfy requirements for reasonable configuration and effective use of resources.
  ◆Satisfy requirements for regional planning, industrial development planning and urban planning.
  ◆Satisfy requirements as stipulated in national industrial policies and technical policies.
  ◆Satisfy requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development.
Our service contents
  ◆ Study of common opportunities: Identify investment orientation and trend, and discover investment opportunities in the complicated market environment. This mainly involves study of regional investment opportunities (geographic location, natural features, population and regional economic structure), study of investment opportunities for departments or industries (position and role, increment, expansion availability and approaches for expansion) and study of opportunities for investment in resources development (distribution, reserve of resources, applicability, utilization status and restrictive conditions).
  ◆Study of opportunities for investment in specific projects: With regard to projects with investment intention established preliminarily, it is applicable to proceed with objective opportunity analysis of market, investment, policies and enterprises based on the market survey. It is necessary to focus on analysis of investment environment, judgment of investment prospect and provision of project proposal and investment propositions. This includes objective analysis of operating objectives and strategies of enterprises (market analysis, industrial policies, tax policies, financial policies and fiscal policies), analysis of operating objectives and strategies as well as internal and external resources of enterprises (technical capability, administration capability and external construction conditions) and analysis of advantages and disadvantages of investors or undertakers.
Major methods and models

  ◆Study of common investment opportunities is a comprehensive searching process, which requires extensive investigation and collection of a mass of data. Normally, profound and specific study of opportunities for investment in specific projects is to be carried out following preliminary selection of investment orientation and opportunities.
  ◆With regard to study methods, we prefer analysis of investment opportunities based on the theory on competitive power. We manage to proceed with hierarchical analysis on the macro, intermediate and micro aspects, construct multi investment opportunity evaluation systems, and provide customers with strategic proposal on available investment opportunities and access to relevant fields or subsidiary industries as well as approaches for access to such markets. With reference to study methods, we manage to verify value and feasibility of market access, and put forward maneuverable strategies from numerous angles and dimensions by using such study and consulting tools, models and methods as PESTEL, industrial lifecycle, market concentration, matrix analysis, value link analysis, Potter five-force model, SWOT analysis, study of benchmark enterprises and predictor method for analysis of market scale in the future.