Management Advisory Corporations
Management Advisory Corporations
  More than one hundred renowned international/domestic management advisory corporations have become our faithful customers:
  Mckinsey (China) Co., Ltd,
  Monitor Group,
  Sinopec Consultation Company,
  Roland Berger – Strategy Consultants,
  Nomura Business Consulting (China) Co., Ltd
  Deloitte Consulting
  Aon HewittAon Hewitt
  PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting
  Andersen Consulting
  Nine Stage
  Guotong Investment Consultation Co., Ltd
  Beijing Municipal Engineering Consulting Corporation
  China Aviation Engineering Consulting Company of China
  Accenture (China) Co., Ltd
  The Boston Consulting Group
  KPMG Consulting
  Bain & Company
  Kearney, Inc
  Hanlian Consulting
  Jiexun Yubo Consulting Company
  Zhijie Management Consulting Co., Ltd
  Shanghai Wodun Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd
  Hainan Zhicheng Management Consulting Co., Ltd
  Fujian Tianxingjian Management Consulting Co., Ltd
  Yunxun Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd