Authentication of Research Institutions
Convenient methods for authentication of a research institution

  A research institution of high strength normally has certain popularity. The so called popularity can be understood from the following point of view: This institution frequently discloses some research results through media or is frequently mentioned by media. Simply speaking, it is applicable to judge popularity of a research institution according to its “exposure” through media.

  How to judge exposure through media?

  Such searching engines as Baidu and Google can provide us with a extremely simple judgment method: Take Baidu for instance, you are only requested to input the designation of an institution in “Baidu News Searching” to obtain an intuitionistic perception based on the quantity and corresponding time as indicated by searching results. Searching results of several famous institutions as indicated by Baidu News Searching are listed as follows: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mckinsey, Acnielsen and Horizon (please review by clicking link on the left side). You can have direct perception of numerous news as associated with such institutions. Such news are actually the best evidence for their popularity.
  You can evlauate our strength by input “CI Consulting” in Baidu News Searching: Viewing from news searching results as indicated by such searching engines as Baidu News, Google News, Yahoo News, Sogou News, Soso News and Netease, you can see that articles, viewpoints or data of CI Consulting have been widely quoted by various media. This is the best manifestation of strength of CI Consulting. You can also have a direct review of viewpoints of CI Consulting as quoted by such mainstream media as CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV and CBN on the following pages:
  You can evaluate the strength and popularity of a company with aforesaid methods if you prefer to purchase its products or services.
  CI Consulting sincerely wish you to become a smart subscriber!