Study of Segment Market
Study of Segment Market
  Study of segment market as performed by us aims to analyze and forecast industrial development prospect and investment value based on such practical indicators as present industrial status, competition pattern, advantages and disadvantages of rivals, status of upper and lower stream enterprises and market concentration by taking the whole industry as the object. This is an essential step for listing of enterprises, which may affect the stipulation of strategies by enterprises to some extent. We manage to proceed with careful analysis of products in the segment markets through extensive data collection. This is expected to evaluate position of enterprises in the market from different points of view, and accurately discover the growth points for enterprises. We have already provided numerous enterprises with the most professional researches and the most valuable consulting services.
Purpose and value of study of segment markets
  ◆ Provide basis for strategies as stipulated by enterprises.
  ◆ Provide securities regulatory commission and investors with description of present and future development trend in segment markets.
  ◆ Provide authoritative basis for prospectus
  ◆ Provide reliable selections for financing orientation of companies to be listed.
Major contents of study of segment markets
  ◆ Analysis of present industrial status and trend: Mainly including industrial policies, industrial competition, general conditions of enterprises, advantages and disadvantages to industrial development, technical level, production and sales volume as well as import and export conditions.
  ◆ Industrial competition pattern: Competition field and range, market growth speed and capacity, industrial periodicity, quantity and scale of rivals, market share and speed of technological and technical reform in the industry.
  ◆ Conditions of upper and lower streams of enterprises: Supply capability of suppliers, distribution capability of distributors, conditions of customers, relevancy and influence between the industry and upper and lower stream industries.
  ◆ Analysis of industrial status of enterprises: Analysis of market influence, rank, brand influence, R&D capability, marketing capability and management capability of enterprises, present situation of companies in the market, sales volume, competition power of top 10 customers, SWOT analysis and analysis of competition strategies.
Methods and models

  We take SCP (structure-conduct-performance) framework as the basis for study of segment markets. We also manage to make use of systematic logic systems as provided by models for profound study of specific links to analyze strategic adjustment and behaviors that might be taken by the industry or enterprises in case of superficial impact.