Market Survey
Market Survey
  Market survey aims at systematic and objective collection, sorting, analysis, explanation and communication of marketing information with scientific methods according to individualized demands of customers for investigation and survey, which is expected to provide administrative supervisors with basis for stipulation, assessment and improvement of marketing decisions. Market survey aims to manifest a consciousness, an attitude and a method. We have abundant experiences in market survey, and has accumulated a mass of enterprise data, detailed product data, import & export data, financial data, monitoring data, first-hand market survey data and information on telephone interview. Market survey as provided by us include such value increment services as strategic decision-making, market access strategies, marketing strategies as well as investment and merge.
Value of market survey as provided by us
  ◆ Provide market information for enterprises in competitive industries, transition enterprises preferring to enter the new field and foreign enterprises making their way into Chinese market; provide customers with basis for discovery of market opportunities and stipulation of marketing strategies.
  ◆ Provide data and information on survey of policy environment, economic environment, social and cultural environment, technical environment, legal environment, regional market, industrial competition, segment markets and enterprises.
Service contents
  ◆ Individualized services: Obtain profound information through customized market survey according to customers’ individualized demands for investigation and survey.
  ◆ Value increment services: Provide customers with decision-making services on industrial expansion, market access, investment and merge as well as business development on the basis of market survey.
Methods and models

  ◆We proceed with market survey with both qualitative and quantitative study methods. Qualitative study is mainly carried out by means of practical survey and study of literatures; whereas quantitative study is mainly carried out by means of statistic investigation and experiment. Analysis of data statistics is mainly carried out with various statistic methods, such as mean value, frequency, percentage, relevancy and cluster analysis as well as numerous causal analyses, including variance analysis, regression analysis, route analysis and discriminant analysis.
  ◆Definition of survey essentiality---definition of problems---establishment of assumptions---study design---investigation---data analysis---submission of reports