IT industry can be further divided into IT manufacturing and application industries. IT manufacturing industry involves computer hardware, communication equipments, software as well as computer and communication services; whereas IT application industry is involved with almost all industries.
Our viewpoints
  Nowadays, IT/telecommunication industry is developing and changing in a amazing mode after high-speed growth for more than ten years. Emergence of new technologies, standards, rules and business modes is accompanied by globalization, diversification, merge, acquisition and restructuring of business operations. So far, China’s telecommunication industry has completed restructuring, which is to enter the 3G age. Under such environment characterized by quick changes and uncertain environment, entities in IT/telecommunication industry are confronted by serious problems, such as approaches for enterprises to accurately command customers’ demands for telecommunication services, design effective market access strategies, realize reasonable configuration of various products and service channels, and proceed with pricing.
Our advantages
  Our professional IT/telecommunication research teams have always been engaged in study of IT/telecommunication industry in the latest ten years. They manage to inquire into the nature of industrial development, and forecast development trend in the future based on the global strategic industrial development in combination with development rules of IT/telecommunication industry. They have accumulated abundant experiences in the study of IT/telecommunication industry and investment consultation, who are capable of providing pertinent consulting services according to individualized demands of customers.