Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Fuel Cell Industry, 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Fuel Cell Industry, 2014-2018
  • Keywords: Fuel Cell industry, Fuel Cell market
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  Fuel cell power generation is the process in which H2, natural gas and coal gas (mainly H2) react with oxidant (O2 in the air) under certain conditions to convert chemical energy to electronic energy and heat energy directly. The difference from conventional battery is that: if only there is the supply of fuel and oxidant, there will be continuous power output. Different from conventional thermal power generation, it won’t be restricted by carnot cycle (cycle process composed of two adiabatic processes and two isothermal processes) with high energy conversion efficiency.
  Because of the different working temperature and generation power, application fields of fuel cell could be divided into four kinds: portable electronic products, including notebook computer, digital camera, mobile phone, PDA, etc.; residential power generation, it is housing or standby power supply; conveyance, car and bus, etc.; large building power generation, small and large power plants.
  Early in the 1950s China began the research on fuel cell. China obtained breakthroughs in the aspects of the key materials and key technology innovation of fuel cell. China government paid more attention to the research and development on the fuel cell, and developed hundred-watt level-30kW hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell, and fuel cell electric vehicle, etc. Fuel cell technology, especially proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology got rapid development. Developing of fuel cell stacks with different specifications such as 60kW, 75kW, and fuel cell engines with net output of 40kW used for electric cars and net output of 100kW used for urban passenger cars, make the technology of China fuel cell enter into the rank of world developed countries.
  In the times of energy crisis and high oil prices, it is urgent to seek new energy to be the substitute for fossil fuel. Relying on the obvious advantages-clean, high efficiency- hydrogen energy gains strong support from different governments, plus the confidence of different energy power enterprises on the development of fuel cell, there will be huge room for growth in the future market.
  Although the market demand for fuel cell is rather small right now, it is estimated, in the next ten years, with the technology progress and scale economic profit, that the production cost and using cost of fuel cell will decrease, competitiveness will be enhanced and the potential market of fuel cell will develop step by step. Now the demand for portable fuel cell is very small, but the market of it will be the most rapidest developing market from now on to 2018 or even longer period. The fuel cell system utilized in consumption electronic products will be commercialized in recent years.


Chapter I Related introduction of fuel cell
  1.1 Overview of fuel cell
    1.1.1 Definition and advantages & disadvantages of fuel cell
    1.1.2 Working principles of fuel cell
    1.1.3 Performance comparison of fuel cell
    1.1.4 Introduction of several kinds of fuel cells
  1.2 Background analysis of fuel cell industry
    1.2.1 Importance to develop fuel cell
    1.2.2 Background research of accelerating the development of green fuel cell
    1.2.3 Background analysis of China fuel cell bus development
    1.2.4 Policy support of the country for hydrogen energy industry
Chapter II Analysis of fuel cell industry development
  2.1 International fuel cell industry
    2.1.1 Overall survey
    2.1.2 U.S.
    2.1.3 Japan
    2.1.4 Canada
    2.1.5 Taiwan
  2.2 China fuel cell industry
    2.2.1 Survey of China fuel cell development
    2.2.2 Developing progress of China fuel cell
    2.2.3 China fuel cell having cost advantage
    2.2.4 China fuel cell trying industrialization
  2.3 Analysis of the fuel cell technology
    2.3.1 Survey of international fuel cell technology
    2.3.2 R&D status of fuel cell technology in some enterprises
    2.3.3 Analysis of China fuel cell technology
    2.3.4 Research on the high-temperature fuel cell technology
  2.4 Industrial dynamics of domestic fuel cell industry in some regions
    2.4.1 Beijing
    2.4.2 Dalian
    2.4.3 Shanghai
  2.5 Problems existing in fuel cell industry and countermeasures
    2.5.1 Respects of fuel cell being in urgent need to be perfected
    2.5.2 Bottlenecks of fuel cell industrialization
    2.5.3 China fuel cell industry system being in urgent need to be perfected
    2.5.4 Analysis of fuel cell development countermeasures
Chapter III Analysis of fuel cell market segmentations
  3.1 Hydrogen fuel cell industry
    3.1.1 R&D and application status of global hydrogen fuel cell
    3.1.2 Hydrogen fuel cell enterprises exploring the ways in the market
    3.1.3 Production capacity scale of Shanghai hydrogen fuel developing to a new level
    3.1.4 Hydrogen fuel cell and automobile power
  3.2 Methanol fuel cell industry
    3.2.1 R&D and application status of international methanol fuel cell
    3.2.2 Analysis of world small direct manufacturer of methanol fuel cell
    3.2.3 R&D status of China methanol fuel cell
  3.3 Other types of fuel cells
    3.3.1 Solid oxide fuel cell
    3.3.2 Carbonate fuel cell
    3.3.3 Reversible proton exchange membrane type of regenerative oxyhydrogen fuel cell
Chapter IV Introduction of key enterprises in the industry
  4.1 Shanghai Shen-Li High Tech Co., Ltd.
    4.1.1 Company introduction
    4.1.2 Main products and technical characteristics
    4.1.3 Key technologies of Shanghai Shen-Li High Tech fuel cell reaching international advanced level
  4.2 Beijing LN-Power Sources Co., Ltd.
    4.2.1 Company introduction
    4.2.2 LN-Power 140 million yuan fuel cell project getting the approval of National Development and Reform Commission
    4.2.3 LN-Power completed the first hydrogen production and hydrogenation station supplying services for fuel cell car in China
  4.3-Beijing Fuyuan Century Fuel Cell Power Corporation
    4.3.1 Company introduction
    4.3.2 R&D products list
    4.3.3 Fuel cell of Fuyuan Centry Corporation exporting to Italy
  4.4 Dalian Sunrise Power Co., Ltd.
    4.4.1 Company introduction
    4.4.2 Main products
    4.4.3 Phase achievements of Sunrise Power gaining in the fuel cell car field
Chapter V Prospect and outlook of the fuel cell industry
  5.1 Investment prospect outlook of fuel cell industry
    5.1.1 Five projects with investment prospect of fuel cell industry
    5.1.2 Outlook of hydrogen fuel cell
    5.1.3 Development goals of China fuel cell industry
  5.2 Forecast of fuel cell market development
    5.2.1 Forecast of global fuel cell market development
    5.2.2 Future market trend forecast of fuel cell
    5.2.3 Development prospect of fuel cell in different application field

Contents of Chart:

Chart Schematic diagram of fuel cell
Chart Characteristics of different types of fuel cells
Chart Performance of different temperature fuel cells
Chart Different uses of phosphoric acid fuel cell
Chart Performance comparison among different types of generators
Chart Basic performance of 100KW fuel cells
Chart Basic design of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Chart Working principle of proton exchange membrane
Charts Application fields of fuel cells
Chart Application fields of various types of fuel cells
Chart Growth of the application systems of global fuel cells
Chart Number of global hydrogen fuel stations
Chart Application status of various fuel cells
Chart Regional distribution of global fuel cell production quantity
Chart Proportions of R&D types of global companies which research and develop fuel cells
Chart Supply chain analysis of fuel cell industry (major manufacturers participating in)
Chart Graphic representation of cities American CAFCP fuel cells spread in
Chart Market scale of different types of fuel cells in Japan
Chart Tubular solid oxide fuel cell group (single cell)
Chart Tubular solid oxide fuel cell group (connection between single cells)
Chart Flat solid oxide fuel cell group (single cell structure)
Chart Flat solid oxide fuel cell group (cell stack structure)
Chart Power generation principle of phosphoric acid fuel cell
Chart Comparison of the substances which pollute the air exhausted by various fuel power generator and fuel cell power generation
Chart Comparison of the power generation efficiency in different means of power generation
Chart Noise comparison of different means of power generation
Chart Power generation system composition of family fuel cells
Chart PEMRFC technological process diagram
Chart Assembly drawing of proton exchange membrane regenerative fuel cell
Chart Performance of PEMRFC
Chart Electrolysis performance of PEMRFC
Chart Multiple-cycle voltampere curve changes of PEMRFC
Chart Working diagram of Samsung “water fuel” cell
Chart Structural drawing of Sony fuel cell
Chart R&D institutions of fuel cell - official and non-profit organizations
Chart R & D institutions of fuel cell - research institutes
Chart R & D institutions of fuel cell - colleges and universities
Chart R & D institutions of fuel cell - enterprises

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