China Robotics Industry Research Report
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  After decades of rapid development, China is facing the challenge of rising labor cost and shortage of manpower which both prevent the economy from progressing. In this context, replacing workers with robots is an irreversible trend.
  China is by far the biggest robot market in the world regarding annual sales and it is also the fastest growing market worldwide. In 2013, almost 37,000 industrial robots were sold in China and every fifth robot sold in the world was installed in China.
  According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China and China Robot Industry Alliance, the data of China Robotics Industry Research Report is authoritative.


Chapter1 China Robotics Industry Introduction
  1.1 Industry definition
  1.2 About the industry
    1.2.1 Classification
    1.2.2 Application
  1.3 Industry at a glance
    1.3.1 Background
    1.3.2 Development History
    1.3.3 Key Factors
Chapter2 External Drivers of China Robotics Industry
  2.1 Policy
    2.1.1 State support
    2.1.2 National standards
    2.1.3 Duty rate
  2.2 Economy
    2.2.1 Worldwide economy development
    2.2.2 China economic growth
    2.2.3 Development trends
    2.2.4 Industrial development
  2.3 Society
    2.3.1 Population growth
    2.3.2 Income per capita
    2.3.3 Labor cost
    2.3.4 Shortage of manpower
Chapter3 China Robotics Industry Performance
  3.1 Global market development overview
    3.1.1 Executive summary
    3.1.2 Market scale
    3.1.3 Regional analysis
    3.1.4 Major markets in the world
    3.1.5 Main drivers
    3.1.6 Development trends
  3.2 China market development overview
    3.2.1 Executive summary
    3.2.2 Impacts on the economy
    3.2.3 Market structure
    3.2.4 Industry features
  3.3 China market current performance
    3.3.1 Market scale
    3.3.2 Supply and demand equilibrium
    3.3.3 Strong points
    3.3.4 Weak pointes
    3.3.5 Warning signs
  3.4 Industry challenges
    3.4.1 Excessive competition
    3.4.2 Lacking key technologies
    3.4.3 Competition from foreign businesses
Chapter4 Products & Markets of China Robotics Industry
  4.1 Supply chain analysis
    4.1.1 Introduction
    4.1.2 Key buying industries
    4.1.3 Key busing industries demand