Investment and Forecast Report on China Engineering Plastics Industry, 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Investment and Forecast Report on China Engineering Plastics Industry, 2014-2018
  • Keywords: Engineering Plastics industry, Engineering Plastics market
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  Engineering plastics has been widely used in electrical and electronic, automotive, construction, office equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries, "plastics to replace steel" and "plastics to replace wood" has been become an international trend. Engineering plastics has become the fastest growing areas in the world's plastics industry. Its development not only plays a supporting role for the national pillar industries and modern high-tech industry, but promote the transformation of traditional industries and the adjustment of product structure too.
  China engineering plastics industry has gradually formed a complete industrial chain with resin synthesis, plastic modifying and alloy, processing applications and other related capabilities after 10 years of development .
  10 years ago, the Chinese plastics industry had just started, its production capacity was lagging far behind compared to demand. More than 85% of raw materials resin depended on import, and more than half of the modified resin material used foreign products. Today, Chinese engineering plastics resins can be produced domestically, the polymerizing power has reached about 600,000 tons per year, annual production of modified resin materials has been more than 2 million tons. In the past 10 years, the output value of China's engineering plastics increased for more than 20% per year, the enterprise size and the level of technology continued to grow.
  Under the impact of the financial crisis, engineering plastics market is facing the dual pressures of a weak market demand and increasing production capacity. Fluctuations in raw material costs increase the pressure on manufacturers. Even in this predicament, the engineering plastics market will continue to grow, but the growth will slow.
  With the four trillion investment gradually putting in the right place, in 2009 China's automotive and construction and other industries generally got warmer, two applications areasof engineering plastics gradually getting better, then directly stimulated the imports of PA and PC.
  China has the world's largest potential consumer market for engineering plastics, providing the excellent opportunities for its development. The demand of engineering plastics market will keep rapid growth for the next few years, and China's engineering plastics industry will has a broad prospect.
  If you want to have a systematic understanding of ngineering plastics industry or invest in related industries of ngineering plastics, Investment and Forecast Report on China engineering plastics Industry, 2014-2018 is a must-have tool.


Chapter 1 Overview of engineering plastics industry
  1.1 Conception and characteristics of plastics
  1.2 Classification of plastics
  1.3 Overview of engineering plastics
Chapter 2 Analysis of plastics industry
  2.1 Analysis of the world's plastics industry
  2.2 Development overview of China’s plastics industry
  2.3 Situation of China’s plastics industry in 2011-2013
  2.4 Analysis of import and export data of plastics industry in 2011-2013
  2.5 Problems and countermeasures of plastics industry
Chapter 3 Analysis on the development of engineering plastics in the world
  3.1 Analysis of the world's engineering plastics market
  3.2 Engineering plastics market in major countries or regions
Chapter 4 China’s engineering plastics industry
  4.1 Development of China’s engineering plastics industry
  4.2 Analysis of China’s engineering plastics market
  4.3 China’s engineering plastics Project construction
  4.4 Import and export of main products
  4.5 Problems and countermeasures of China engineering plastics industry
  4.6 Competitive strategies for the life cycle of engineering plastics
Chapter 5 General engineering plastics
  5.1 Polyamide (nylon,PA)
  5.2 Polycarbonate (PC)
  5.3 Polyxymethylene (POM)
  5.4 Polyester(PET,PBT)
  5.5 (modified)Polypheylene oxide(PPO/MPPO)
Chapter 6 Special engineering plastics
  6.1 Overview of special engineering plastics
  6.2 Analysis of special engineering plastics
  6.3 Polyphenylene sulfide(PPS)
  6.4 Polyimide(PI)
  6.5 Other special engineering plastics
Chapter 7 Engineering plastics application
  7.1 In the automotive industry
  7.2 In the electrical and electronic industry
  7.3 Other application fields
Chapter 8 Key enterprises of international engineering plastic
  8.1 DuPont (E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company)
  8.2 Bayer Material Science Company(BMS)
  8.3 BASF Group
  8.5 Other enterprises
Chapter 9 Key production enterprises of Chinese engineering plastics
  9.1 Yunnan Yuntianhua Co.,Ltd
  9.2 Blue Star New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd.
  9.3 Shen Ma Industry Co.,Ltd
  9.4 Kingfa SCI.and Tech.Co.,Ltd
  9.5 Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited
  9.6 Financial comparison analysis of listed companies
  9.7 Sichuan Deyang Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Chapter 10 Investment and future trend analysis of engineering plastics industry
  10.1 Prospect of plastics industry
  10.2 Investment environment analysis of engineering plastics industry
  10.3 Future trend analysis of engineering plastics industry

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