Investment and Forecast Report on China Metro Industry, 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Investment and Forecast Report on China Metro Industry, 2014-2018
  • Keywords: Metro industry, Metro market
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Chapter Ⅰ Summary of Urban Rail Transit
  1.1 Introduction related to urban rail transit
  1.2 Development summary of world urban rail transit
  1.3 Development overview of China urban rail transit
  1.4 Construction problems and countermeasures of China urban rail transit
Chapter Ⅱ World Metro Construction
  2.1 Brief summaries related to metro
  2.2 Development summary of world metro
  2.3 New York metro
  2.4 Tokyo metro
  2.5 Singapore metro
  2.6 Development overview of world other cities metro
Chapter Ⅲ China Metro Industry
  3.1 Development overview of metro industry
  3.2 Basic criterion analysis of metro construction
  3.3 Management system and mechanism of China metro
  3.4 Safety management of metro industry
  3.5 Development countermeasures analysis of China metro industry
Chapter Ⅳ Expanding Domestic Demand Promoting Metro Large Scale Construction
  4.1 Interpretation of global economic development situation
  4.2 Operation situation and policy choice of China economy under the international financial crisis
  4.3 Construction development of China rail transit under the policy of expanding domestic demand
Chapter Ⅴ Hong Kong Metro
  5.1 Development summary of Hong Kong metro
  5.2 Hong Kong metro expanding foreign metro market positively
  5.3 Strategies analysis of Hong Kong metro operation management
  5.4 Elastic analysis of Hong Kong metro system ticket price
Chapter Ⅵ Beijing Metro
  6.1 Summaries related to Beijing metro
  6.2 Development overview of Beijing metro
  6.3 Management analysis of Beijing metro project construction
  6.4 Construction of Beijing “New Metro”
Chapter Ⅶ Shanghai Metro
  7.1 Summaries related to Shanghai metro
  7.2 Development overview of Shanghai metro
  7.3 Network construction of Shanghai metro
  7.4 Commercialization prospect of Shanghai metro
Chapter Ⅷ Guangzhou Metro
  8.1 Construction overview of Guangzhou metro
  8.2 Development summary of Guangzhou metro economy
  8.3 Application and innovation of Guangzhou metro technology
  8.4 Development prospect and planning of Guangzhou metro
Chapter Ⅸ Construction of Other Cities Metro
  9.1 Tianjin metro
  9.2 Shenzhen metro
  9.3 Wuhan metro
  9.4 Shenyang metro
  9.5 Nanjing metro
  9.6 Chengdu metro
Chapter Ⅹ Analysis of Metro Vehicle Industry
  10.1 Development overview of China metro vehicle in early period
  10.2 Development progress of China metro vehicle
  10.3 Development trend of China metro vehicle manufacturers
Chapter Ⅺ Metro Industry Promoting Related Industries Development
  11.1 Metro real estate
  11.2 Metro commerce
  11.3 Metro advertisement
  11.4 Related devices and materials needed by metro construction
Chapter Ⅻ Operation Analysis of Metro Industry
  12.1 Operation mode and benefit study of metro company
  12.2 Profit mode analysis of metro company
  12.3 Construction cost study of metro
  12.4 Influencing factors and making strategy of metro ticket price
Chapter ⅩⅢ Investment and Financing Analysis of Metro
  13.1 Investment and financing analysis of urban rail transit
  13.2 Investment and financing situation and suggestions analysis of metro
  13.3 Investment and financing overview and countermeasures of metro in main cities of China
Chapter ⅩⅣ Analysis of Metro Industry Key Enterprises
  14.1 MTR Corporation Ltd.
  14.2 Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd.
  14.3 Guangzhou Metro Corporation
  14.4 Beijing Subway Co., Ltd.
  14.5 Other metro enterprises

Contents of Chart:

Chart Construction situation of USA metro
Chart Construction situation of Japan metro
Chart Construction situation of UK metro
Chart Construction situation of France metro
Chart Construction situation of German metro
Chart Construction situation of Russia metro
Chart Construction situation of South Korea metro
Chart Roadmap of Hong Kong metro
Chart Network system of Hong Kong metro
Chart Roadmap of Beijing metro Line 7 and Line 14
Chart Roadmap of Beijing metro Line 10
Chart Roadmap of Shanghai metro
Chart Roadmap of Guangzhou metro

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