Investment and Forecast Report on China Synthetic Materials Industry, 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Investment and Forecast Report on China Synthetic Materials Industry, 2014-2018
  • Keywords: Synthetic Materials industry,Synthetic Materials market
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  Synthetic materials are chemical products, and also important basic raw materials of the chemical products. Synthetic materials play an extremely important role in the national economy and people's social life. In the 21st century, synthetic materials industry in China developed rapidly and achieved great success that shocked the world.
  Since the implementation of the reform and openning-up policy for 3 decades and more , China’s three kinds of synthetic materials industries developed rapidly. Currently, synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber have penetrated into all aspects of life in China, covering from agriculture to packaging and construction, from cars to electrical and electronic.
  Synthetic materials industry represents the most advanced level of China petrochemical industry. Through the efforts of recent years, China petrochemical industry has been a world leader. Among them, synthetic materials production ranks the second and synthetic fiber production ranks the first in the world. During January to November in 2008, China’s synthetic materials industries achieved the gross industrial output value of 506,585,277 thousand yuan, total sales revenue of 500,615,289 thousand yuan, total profit of 10,546,908 thousand yuan. During January to November in 2009, China’s synthetic materials enterprises achieve total sales revenue of 539,365,493 thousand yuan and total profit of 23,066,372 thousand yuan.
  China's future economic growth will remain steady, and great domestic market is still supporting the demand of commodity markets.Electronic communications, automobiles, building materials, office equipment, supplies and other downstream industries will drive rapid growth in demand for synthetic materials, and synthetic materials industry is expected to still grow rapidly until 2016.
  " Investment and Forecast Report on China Synthetic Materials Industry, 2014-2018" includes a total of nine chapters. The first chapter introduces the definition of synthetic materials, classification, and then analyzes the current development of synthetic materials industry, and the synthetic materials industry, industrial statistics data for a detailed analysis, and then introduces the synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers and engineering plastics successively. Subsequently, the report introduces the seveval key enterprises. Finally,it’s the forecast for the future development of the synthetic materials. If you want to have a systematic understanding of synthetic materials industry or invest in related industries, this report is a must-have tool for you.


Chapter 1 Overview of synthetic materials
  1.1 Basic concepts of synthetic materials
  1.2 Introduction of general synthetic materials
  1.3 Overview of engineering plastics
Chapter 2 Analysis on the development of synthetic materials
  2.1 Summary of the development of synthetic materials
  2.2 Development and potential of synthetic materials technology
  2.3 Problems prevailing in the innovation of synthetic materials industry and solutions
  2.4 Proposals and prospects of synthetic materials industry
Chapter 3 Financial analysis of China’s synthetic materials industry
  3.1 Economic scale of China’s synthetic materials industry
  3.2 Profitability analysis of China’s synthetic materials industry
  3.3 Operating capacity for China’s synthetic materials industry
  3.4 Debt-paying ability analysis of China’s synthetic materials industry
  3.5 Comprehensive evaluation of financial situation of Chinese synthetic materials industry
Chapter 4 Synthetic resin
  4.1 Overview of the world synthetic resin
  4.2 Summary of the operation of China’s synthetic resin industry
  4.3 Analysis on the technical progress of superabsorbent resin
  4.4 Challenges faced by synthetic resin industry and solutions
Chapter 5 Synthetic rubber
  5.1 Overview of the world synthetic rubber
  5.2 The development of China synthetic rubber industry
  5.3 Analysis of the operation of synthetic rubber industry
  5.4 Research and developmemt of synthetic rubber products
  5.5 Competitive analysis of synthetic rubber industry
  5.6 Problems in synthetic resin industry and solutions
Chapter 6 Synthetic fiber
  6.1 Overview of the world synthetic fiber industry
  6.2 Overview of China synthetic fiber industry
  6.3 Operation in China synthetic fiber industry during 2010-2012
  6.4 Operation in China synthetic fiber industry in 2013
  6.5 Problems in the development of synthetic resin industry and solutions
Chapter 7 Engineering plastics
  7.1 Development of the world engineering plastics
  7.2 Overview of China engineering plastics industry
  7.3 Problems in engineering plastics industry and solutions
  7.4 Competitive strategies of life cycle of engineering plastics
Chapter 8 Analysis of key companies
  8.1 Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited.
  8.2 Sinopec Qilu Company Limited.
  8.3 Blue Star New Chemical Material Co., Ltd.
  8.4 Kingfa Sci&Tech Co., Ltd.
  8.5 Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd.
  8.6 Financial comparative analysis of listed companies
Chapter 9 Prospect of synthetic materials industry
  9.1 Synthetic resin
  9.2 Synthetic rubber
  9.3 Synthetic fiber
  9.4 Engineering plastics

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