Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Hospital Industry , 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Hospital Industry , 2014-2018
  • Keywords: Hospital industry, Hospital market
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Chapter I Related overview of hospital
  1.1 Definition and system of hospital
    1.1.1 Definition of hospital
    1.1.2 Classification and name of hospital
    1.1.3 Rank of hospital
    1.1.4 Organization system of hospital
  1.2 Profit hospital and non-profit hospital
    1.2.1 Profit hospital
    1.2.2 Non-profit private hospital
Chapter II Analysis of China hospital industry
  2.1 Development survey of China hospital
    2.1.1 Basic survey of China hospital
    2.1.2 Financial status of China hospital
    2.1.3 Main factors of township hospitals striving for development
  2.2 Operation and management analysis of hospital
    2.2.1 Operation and management status quo of China hospital
    2.2.2 Development analysis on the brand construction of China hospital
    2.2.3 Problems hospital operation facing and development strategy
  2.3 Analysis of medical system reform
    2.3.1 Background of China medical system reform
    2.3.2 Survey of China medical system reform
    2.3.3 Countermeasures and trend of medical system reform
  2.4 Development analysis of hospital informationization
    2.4.1 Construction analysis of hospital informationization
    2.4.2 Applications analysis of hospital e-commerce
    2.4.3 Problems of hospital informationization and development strategies
    2.4.4 Development trend of information-oriented hospital
  2.5 Challenges hospital development and construction facing and countermeasures
    2.5.1 Challenges hospital development facing after reform and countermeasures
    2.5.2 Medical expenses reduction needs joint efforts of government and hospital
    2.5.3 Strategies of hospital innovative development under new situation
    2.5.4 Countermeasures of state-owned hospital deepening reform and related suggestions
Chapter III Analysis of China hospital market
  3.1 Competition analysis of hospital market
    3.1.1 SWOT analysis of hospital
    3.1.2 Competition pattern of hospital
    3.1.3 Advantages and disadvantages of hospital non-price competition and proposals
    3.1.4 Strategies for hospitals to improve the competitiveness
  3.2 Analysis of hospital operation profit
    3.2.1 Concept and connotation of hospital operation profit
    3.2.2 Expression method of hospital operation profit
    3.2.3 Simple ratio analysis method of hospital operation profit
    3.2.4 Factors impacting hospital operation profit
  3.3 Analysis of hospital marketing
    3.3.1 Related overview of hospital marketing
    3.3.2 Survey of China hospital marketing
    3.3.3 Hospital marketing management system
    3.3.4 Some suggestions for hospital marketing
Chapter IV Analysis of hospital segmentations
  4.1 Public hospital
    4.1.1 Development survey of China public hospital
    4.1.2 Analysis of China public hospital reform
    4.1.3 Problems existing in public hospital development and development strategies
  4.2 Private hospital
    4.2.1 Development overview of private hospital
    4.2.2 Main points of private hospital operation and management
    4.2.3 Competition analysis of private hospital
    4.2.4 Problems existing in private hospital development and development strategies
  4.3 Special hospital
    4.3.1 Development overview of special hospital
    4.3.2 Eye hospital
    4.3.3 Stomatological hospital
    4.3.4 Pediatric hospital
  4.4 Foreign-capital hospital
    4.4.1 Overall survey of foreign-capital hospital in China
    4.4.2 Development of foreign-capital hospital in different areas of China
    4.4.3 Problems existing in foreign-capital hospital development and solutions
  4.5 Other types of hospitals
    4.5.1 TCM hospital
    4.5.2 Minority hospital
    4.5.3 Women's hospital
  4.6 Plastic and aesthetic medical treatement
    4.6.1 Analysis of China plastic and aesthetic medical treatment
    4.6.2 Competition analysis of plastic and aesthetic medical treatment market
    4.6.3 Challenges China plastic and aesthetic medical treatment facing and development countermeasures
    4.6.4 Development trend of plastic and aesthetic medical treatment market
Chapter V Key enterprises introduction
  5.1 Shandong Wanjie High-tec Co., Ltd.
    5.1.1 Company introduction
    5.1.2 Equipment level and technical force of Wanjie High-tec hospital
    5.1.3 Operation status analysis of Wanjie High-tec hospital form 2010 to the first half of 2012
  5.2 Xi’an Gaoxin Hospital
    5.2.1 Hospital introduction
    5.2.2 Service concept of Xi'an Gaoxin hospital
    5.2.3 Gaoxin hospital built modern internationalized blood purification centre of renal medicine
  5.3 Shenzhen Hospital of Beijing University
    5.3.1 Hospital introduction
    5.3.2 Environmental management system construction of Shenzhen Hospital of Beijing University
    5.3.3 Informationization construction of Shenzhen Hospital of Beijing University
  5.4 Shanghai Renji Hospital
    5.4.1 Hospital introduction
    5.4.2 Brand expansion road of Shanghai Renji Hospital
    5.4.3 Sharp weapon of Shanghai Renji Hospital market competition
  5.5 Sichuan West China Hospital
    5.5.1 Hospital introduction
    5.5.2 Surgical amount per day of West China Hospital ranking first of China
    5.5.3 Management perspectives of West China Hospital
Chapter VI Investment analysis and prospect trend of hospital
  6.1 Hospital investment analysis
    6.1.1 Hospital investment survey
    6.1.2 Investment opportunities
    6.1.3 Investment risks
    6.1.4 Investment proposals
  6.2 Prospect and trend of hospital industry
    6.2.1 Main development direction of China hospital in the future
    6.2.2 Establishing clean hospital becomes future development direction of China hospital
    6.2.3 Development trend of modern hospital
    6.2.4 Development trend of hospital quality management in new period

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