China Private Health Insurance Industry Research Report
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  As China is moving toward full enrollment of the population into basic health insurance schemes, limitations of the public system become apparent.
  On the one hand, with the growing expends on public health insurance, Chinese government is working hard to promote the development of private health insurance.
  On the other hand, with the rapid growing middleclass who have a great demand of high-quality healthcare service, China private health insurance industry is facing a great deal of development opportunities.
  According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China, National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China and China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), the data of China Private Health Insurance Industry Research Report is authoritative.


Chapter1 China Private Health Insurance Industry Introduction
  1.1 Industry definition
  1.2 About the industry
    1.2.1 Classification
    1.2.2 Features
  1.3 Industry at a glance
    1.3.1 Background
    1.3.2 Development history
    1.3.3 Key factors
Chapter2 External Drivers of China Private Health Insurance Industry
  2.1 Policy
    2.1.1 Regulatory policies
    2.1.2 National guidelines
    2.1.3 State support
  2.2 Economy
    2.2.1 Worldwide economy development
    2.2.2 China economic growth
    2.2.3 Development trends
  2.3 Society
    2.3.1 Population growth
    2.3.2 Population aging
    2.3.3 Income per capita
    2.3.4 Life expectancy
    2.3.5 Urbanization
  2.4 Healthcare Industry
    2.4.1 Executive summary
    2.4.2 Market scale
    2.4.3 Medical resources
    2.4.4 Medical services
Chapter3 China Private Health Insurance Industry Performance
  3.1 Global market development overview
    3.1.1 Executive summary
    3.1.2 Market scale
    3.1.3 Influencing factors
    3.1.4 Industry prediction
    3.1.5 American market
  3.2 China market development overview
    3.2.1 Executive summary
    3.2.2 Market entity
    3.2.3 Foreign insurance companies
    3.2.4 Market structure
    3.2.5 Industry feature
  3.3 China public health insurance analysis
    3.3.1 Executive summary
    3.3.2 Health insurance for urban residents
    3.3.3 Basic health insurance for urban employees
    3.3.4 New rural cooperative health care system
Chapter4 China Private Insurance Industry Market Analysis
  4.1 China market current performance
    4.1.1 Economy scale
    4.1.2 Influencing factors
    4.1.3 Market segments
  4.2 Demand analysis
    4.2.1 Residents’ demand
    4.2.2 Supply and demand equilibrium
    4.2.3 Consumption behavior analysis
    4.2.4 Product structure
  4.3 Main challenges
    4.3.1 Industry problems
    4.3.2 Market problems
    4.3.3 Product problems
    4.3.4 Promotion problems
Chapter5 China Private Health Insurance Industry Business Location
  5.1 Beijing municipality
    5.1.1 Executive summary
    5.1.2 Market scale
    5.1.3 Market structure
    5.1.4 Market feature
    5.1.5 Development program
  5.2 Shanghai municipality
    5.2.1 Executive summary
    5.2.2 Market scale
    5.2.3 Market structure
    5.2.4 Market feature
    5.2.5 Development program
  5.3 Zhejiang province
    5.3.1 Executive summary
    5.3.2 Market scale
    5.3.3 Market structure
    5.3.4 Market feature
    5.3.5 Development program
  5.4 Guangdong province
    5.4.1 Executive summary
    5.4.2 Market scale
    5.4.3 Market structure
    5.4.4 Market feature
    5.4.5 Development program
  5.5 Jiangsu province
    5.5.1 Executive summary
    5.5.2 Market scale
    5.5.3 Market structure
    5.5.4 Market feature
    5.5.5 Development program
  5.6 Shandong province
    5.6.1 Executive summary
    5.6.2 Market scale
    5.6.3 Market structure
    5.6.4 Market feature
    5.6.5 Development program
Chapter6 Major Companies of China Private Health Insurance Industry
  6.1 China Life Insurance Company Limited
    6.1.1 Introduction
    6.1.2 Development history
    6.1.3 Market position
    6.1.4 Financial performance
    6.1.5 Projects in China
    6.1.6 Prospects
  6.2 Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.
    6.2.1 Introduction
    6.2.2 Development history
    6.2.3 Market position
    6.2.4 Financial performance
    6.2.5 Projects in China
    6.2.6 Prospects
  6.3 China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd.
    6.3.1 Introduction
    6.3.2 Development history
    6.3.3 Market position
    6.3.4 Financial performance
    6.3.5 Projects in China
    6.3.6 Prospects
  6.4 New China Life Insurance Company Ltd.
    6.4.1 Introduction
    6.4.2 Development history
    6.4.3 Market position
    6.4.4 Financial performance
    6.4.5 Projects in China
    6.4.6 Prospects
  6.5 Taikang Life Insurance Company Ltd.
    6.5.1 Introduction
    6.5.2 Development history
    6.5.3 Market position
    6.5.4 Financial performance
    6.5.5 Projects in China
    6.5.6 Prospects
Chapter7 China Private Health Insurance Industry Investing Analysis
  7.1 Investing situation
    7.1.1 Barriers to entry
    7.1.2 Capital intensity
    7.1.3 Capital entry scale
    7.1.4 Foreign capital entry
  7.2 Investment risks
    7.2.1 Political risk
    7.2.2 Social risk
    7.2.3 Business risk
    7.2.4 Market risk
  7.3 Investment opportunities
    7.3.1 New channels
    7.3.2 Products options
    7.3.3 Foreign entity
Chapter8 China Private Health Insurance Industry Trends and Prospect Analysis from CIConsulting
  8.1 Industry outlook
    8.1.1 Consumption demand
    8.1.2 Globalization
    8.1.3 Competition
  8.2 CIConsulting prediction for China private health insurance industry, 2015-2019
    8.2.1 Scale
    8.2.2 Revenue
    8.2.3 Profit

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