China Medical Informatization Industry Research Report
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  Medical, health and family planning institutes are collecting more and more data on electronic health records, electronic medical records and population information, since construction of population health informatization and new technology application are rapidly developed. The range of population health information sharing is extending, and there is increasing demand to use population health information to serve the public.
  China’s medical informatization market is a rapidly emerging priority within the healthcare industry, as the government seeks to apply information technology to medical facilities and services. China’s medical informatization market is generally divided into three categories: hardware, software and digital services. To date, most investments have focused on systems and hardware rather than software and applications. However, that investment trend is changing as investment strategies have begun to shift toward software and services. Long-distance healthcare and regional healthcare also present a growing market in China soliciting further investment.


Chapter 1 PEST Analysis Of China Medical Informatization
  1.1 Political environment
    1.1.1 Healthcare reform in China
    1.1.2 Healthy China 2020
    1.1.3 The 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015)
    1.1.4 New rural cooperative medical care system
    1.1.5 Population health information management measures
  1.2 Economic environment
    1.2.1 Gross Domestic Product
    1.2.2 Fixed-asset investment
    1.2.3 Social financing scale
    1.2.4 Total export-import volume
  1.3 Social environment
    1.3.1 Social employment
    1.3.2 Consumer price
    1.3.3 Engel's coefficient
    1.3.4 Income of urban and rural residents
  1.4 Technological environment
    1.4.1 Big data
    1.4.2 Mobile health
    1.4.3 Cloud computing
    1.4.4 Internet of things
Chapter 2 Analysis Of China Medical Informatization In 2012-2014
  2.1 Overview of the healthcare industry
    2.1.1 Definition
    2.1.2 Character
    2.1.3 Key factors
  2.2 Development of China medical market in 2012-2014
    2.2.1 Market Operation
    2.2.2 Services market
    2.2.3 Devices market
    2.2.4 Pharmaceuticals market
  2.3 Development of China medical informatization market in 2012-2014
    2.3.1 Market overview
    2.3.2 Market opportunity
    2.3.3 Market structure
    2.3.4 Market demands
  2.4 Development of China medical informatization subdivided market in 2012-2014
    2.4.1 HIS
    2.4.2 EMR
    2.4.3 PACS
    2.4.4 Telemedicine
  2.5 Development of the software suppliers in China medical informatization market
    2.5.1 Neusoft
    2.5.2 UFIDA
    2.5.3 Kingdee
    2.5.4 Kingstar Winning
Chapter 3 Competition Of China Medical Informatization Market In 2012-2014
  3.1 Analysis of the zero-sum competition of healthcare industry
    3.1.1 Zero-sum competition of healthcare
    3.1.2 Level of competition
    3.1.3 Objective of competition
    3.1.4 Forms of competition
    3.1.5 Incentives for payers and providers
  3.2 Analysis of the positive-sum competition of healthcare industry
    3.2.1 Comparative advantage
    3.2.2 Provider strategies
    3.2.3 Choice restrictions
    3.2.4 Transparent pricing
  3.3 Analysis of the BAT competition in China medical informatization market
    3.3.1 Baidu cloud initiative
    3.3.2 Alibaba future hospital plan
    3.3.3 Tencent invests in DXY
  3.4 Analysis of the interdisciplinary competition in China medical informatization market
    3.4.1 Huawei
    3.4.2 ZTE
    3.4.3 Telecom carriers
    3.4.4 Wonders information
    3.4.5 Fujitsu
Chapter 4 Analysis Of Medical Informatization Market Investment In 2012-2014
  4.1 Market opportunity
    4.1.1 Market investment
    4.1.2 Investment situation
    4.1.3 Foreign investment policies
    4.1.4 Investment hot spot
  4.2 Market risk
    4.2.1 Political risk
    4.2.2 Pricing risk
    4.2.3 Data breaches
  4.3 Invest advice
    4.3.1 Geographic areas of focus
    4.3.2 Key industry parks
    4.3.3 Guidance for foreign investment
Chapter 5 Prospect Forecast Of China Medical Informatization Market
    5.1.1 Market trends
    5.1.2 2015-2019 Prediction of market structure
    5.1.3 2015-2019 Prediction of market scale

Contents of Chart:

Chart China GDP
Chart Trend of urban fixed-asset investments
Chart Local and foreign financial institutions deposit and balance and its growth rate in 2013
Chart 2009-2013 China import and export volume
Chart New employment of the town in China during 2009-2013
Chart China Consumer Price Index
Chart 2001-2013 Chinese households Engel's coefficient
Chart 2009-2013 Per capita net income of rural residents
Chart 2009-2013 Per capita net income of urban residents
Chart Deploying medical information to the cloud and retrieving information from cloud
Chart Remote patient monitoring
Chart Chinese medical device market in 2013
Chart Local industry development
Chart Asia pacific EMR adoption model system
Chart Three stages in the IT-based development process of hospital
Chart Overview of Huawei’s "Smart Hospital" solutions
Chart The medical smartphone
Chart Unique sensors
Chart Monitoring flow
Chart Outbound M&A
Chart China healthcare industry investment
Chart “breach report 2013” key findings
Chart Provinces included in MOH Healthcare IT pilot program
Chart Healthcare industrial parks in Shanghai
Chart Investments in China healthcare industry
Chart 2015-2019 China's medical information industry market size structure prediction
Chart 2015-2019 China healthcare IT investment scale prediction
Chart 2015-2019 China mobile medical market forecast

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