Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Wastewater Treatment Industry, 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Wastewater Treatment Industry, 2014-2018
  • Keywords: Wastewater Treatment industry, Wastewater Treatment market
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  Water covers 70.8% of the earth surface, but fresh water resource is quite finite, and that could be actually used by people is just a fraction of rivers, lakes and groundwater, accounting for 0.26% of total earth water quantity with unbalanced distribution.
  After 1950s, world population grows sharply, industry develops rapidly. Status of world water resource worsens quickly, “water crisis” is more and more serious. On the one hand, the demand of people for water resource expands at surprising speed; on the other hand, gradual serious water pollution nibbles large volume of water resource used for consumption.
  About 200 tons of garbage are poured into rivers, lakes and creeks per day around the whole world, one liter water pollutes 8 liters fresh water; all rivers flowing through Asian cities are polluted; 40% of American water resource basin is polluted by processed food scrap, metal, fertilizer and insecticide; water quality of 5 rivers in 55 European rivers is just passable. In 20th century, world population increased doubly, and water used by people increased 5 times. Many countries in the world are facing water crises: 1.2 billion people lack water, 3 billion people lack hygienic facilities of water.
  China occupancy volume of water resource per capita is low and spatial distribution is unbalanced. With the accelerated urbanization and industrialization of China, demand gap of water resource is increasing day by day. Under this kind of background, wastewater treatment industry becomes the new emerging industry, at present, it is in the same important position as tap water production, supply and reclaimed water reuse industries.
  Because of the increasing attention of state and governments at all levels on the environmental protection, China wastewater treatment industry is growing rapidly, total volume of wastewater treatment increases year by year, town wastewater treatment rate increases continuously, but at present, China wastewater treatment industry is still in the primary development stage.
  On the one hand, capacity of China wastewater treatment can’t catch up with the rapid expansion of the water using scale, and construction of the matching equipments such as pipe network, sludge treatment, etc. lags behind seriously. On the other hand, There is an obvious gap between China wastewater treatment rate and the one in developed countries, and the load rate of treatment facilities is low.
  So, China should perfect the policies and regulations of wastewater treatment, establish supervision system, create rational wastewater treatment charge system, support the development of domestic environmental protection industry, and promote industrialization and marketization of wastewater treatment industry. Wastewater treatment industry is a sunrise industry, and the development prospect is very broad. China wastewater treatment industry will welcome in rapid development period since then.


Chapter I Analysis of China wastewater treatment industry
  1.1 Development status of wastewater treatment industry
    1.1.1 Development review of wastewater treatment industry
    1.1.2 Monopoly franchise of wastewater treatment industry
    1.1.3 Statistical data of China water supply and water use
    1.1.4 Statistical data of wastewater discharge and treatment in different cities of China
  1.2 Analysis of wastewater treatment industrialization
    1.2.1 Purpose of wastewater treatment industrialization
    1.2.2 Development status quo of urban wastewater treatment industrialization
    1.2.3 Cases analysis of wastewater treatment industrialization
    1.2.4 Problems existing in wastewater treatment industrialization and development proposals
  1.3 Analysis of wastewater treatment fee
    1.3.1 Feasibility analysis of levying wastewater treatment fee
    1.3.2 Charge status of China wastewater treatment
    1.3.3 Government's responsibility after levying wastewater treatment fee
    1.3.4 Government will gradually implement “payment by polluter” policy
  1.4 Situation of wastewater treatment in different regions of China
    1.4.1 Guangzhou wastewater treatment plant running well
    1.4.2 Hefei strengthening the supervision of wastewater treatment industry
    1.4.3 Nanchang enhancing the capacity of wastewater treatment
    1.4.4 Guizhou planning to invest huge amounts of money for wastewater treatment
  1.5 Problems existing in wastewater treatment industry and development strategies
    1.5.1 Wastewater treatment discharge standard lagging behind
    1.5.2 Funds shortage of urban wastewater treatment industry
    1.5.3 Countermeasures of resource recovery of urban wastewater treatment
    1.5.4 Strategy of solving funds shortage of wastewater treatment industry
Chapter II Analysis of wastewater treatment market
  2.1 Status quo of wastewater treatment market
    2.1.1 Scale of China wastewater treatment market
    2.1.2 Development status of China urban wastewater treatment market
    2.1.3 China encouraging foreign enterprises to invest in China wastewater treatment industry
  2.2 Analysis of wastewater treatment marketization
    2.2.1 Mechanism analysis of China town wastewater treatment marketization
    2.2.2 Government’s function in wastewater treatment marketization
    2.2.3 Development measures of wastewater treatment marketization
    2.2.4 Strengthening the construction of sewage treatment market elements
  2.3 Process of wastewater treatment marketization in different regions of China
    2.3.1 Plan and development strategy of Hunan wastewater treatment market
    2.3.2 Development course of Fujian refuse and wastewater treatment marketization
    2.3.3 Strategy of Chongqing urban wastewater treatment marketization
    2.3.4 Review and development strategy of Zhuhai wastewater treatment facilities marketization
    2.3.5 Exploration of three gorges area wastewater treatment marketization
  2.4 Problems and strategies analysis of wastewater treatment market
    2.4.1 Cold reaction for wastewater treatment market
    2.4.2 Urban wastewater treatment efficiency should be improved
    2.4.3 Risks and countermeasures in the process of wastewater treatment marketization
    2.4.4 Development strategy of wastewater treatment marketization
Chapter III Types segmentations and equipment analysis of wastewater treatment
  3.1 Analysis of industrial wastewater treatment
    3.1.1 Iron and steel industrial wastewater treatment
    3.1.2 Petrochemical industrial wastewater treatment
    3.1.3 Textile industrial wastewater treatment
    3.1.4 Papermaking industrial wastewater treatment
  3.2 Analysis of domestic wastewater treatment
    3.2.1 Status of foreign domestic wastewater treatment
    3.2.2 Overall overview of China domestic wastewater treatment industry
    3.2.3 Overview of domestic wastewater treatment in different regions
    3.2.4 Prospect and development direction of domestic wastewater treatment industry
  3.3 Analysis of wastewater treatment equipment
    3.3.1 Development survey of wastewater treatment equipment industry
    3.3.2 Development survey of China-made wastewater treatment equipment
    3.3.3 Survey and outlook of small domestic wastewater treatment equipment in town
    3.3.4 Problems existing in China-made wastewater treatment equipment and reasons
    3.3.5 Measures to realize the modernization of China-made wastewater treatment equipment
  3.4 Yield data analysis of water pollution prevention equipments
    3.4.1 Yield data of China water pollution prevention equipments 2011-2013
    3.4.2 Yield data of water pollution prevention equipments in main provinces of China Jan.-Dec. 2012
    3.4.3 Yield data of water pollution prevention equipments in main provinces of China Jan.-Dec. 2013
Chapter IV Analysis of listed companies in wastewater treatment industry
  4.1 Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
    4.1.1 Company introduction
    4.1.2 Operating status analysis of Capital Environmental Protection Jan.-Dec. 2012
    4.1.3 Operating status of Capital Environmental Protection Jan.-Dec. 2013
  4.2 Beijing Capital Co., Ltd.
    4.2.1 Company introduction
    4.2.2 Operating status of Beijing Capital Jan.-Dec. 2012
    4.2.3 Operating status of Beijing Capital Jan.-Dec. 2013
  4.3 Wuhan Sanzhen Industry Holding Co., Ltd.
    4.3.1 Company introduction
    4.3.2 Operating status analysis of Wuhan Sanzhen Industry Holding Jan.-Dec. 2012
    4.3.3 Operating status of Wuhan Sanzhen Industry Holding Jan.-Dec. 2013
  4.4 Eguard Resources Development Co., Ltd.
    4.4.1 Company introduction
    4.4.2 Operating status analysis of Eguard Resources Development Jan.-Dec. 2012
    4.4.3 Operating status of Eguard Resources Development Jan.-Dec. 2013
  4.5 Nanhai Development Co., Ltd.
    4.5.1 Company introduction
    4.5.2 Operating status of Nanhai Development Jan.-Dec. 2012
    4.5.3 Operating status of Nanhai Development Jan.-Dec. 2013
  4.6 Beijing Drainage (Group) Co., Ltd.
    4.6.1 Company introduction
    4.6.2 Treatment capacity and technics analysis of Beijing Drainage Group wastewater treatment plant
    4.6.3 Beijing Drainage Group establishing intelligent wastewater drainage system
Chapter V Investment analysis and prospect outlook of wastewater treatment industry
  5.1 Analysis on BOT investment model of wastewater treatment
    5.1.1 BOT project analysis of urban wastewater treatment
    5.1.2 Investment risks of wastewater treatment industry
    5.1.3 Risk prevention and coping strategy of investment operators
  5.2 Development prospect of wastewater treatment
    5.2.1 Prospect of wastewater treatment industry
    5.2.2 Wastewater treatment industry will develop quickly during the "Twelveth Five Year Plan"
    5.2.3 Development plan of wastewater treatment industry in different regions during the "Twelveth Five Year Plan"

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