China Ocean Energy Industry Research Report
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  China is increasing spending on tidal power, and its largest project could outmatch any planned development in Europe. The largest potential project in China is a US $30 billion tidal wall that could have an installed power base of about a GW. The dam-like structure has turbines with curved blades that allow marine life to swim through while harnessing the energy in the water.
  There are countless technologies vying for an opportunity to tap the inherent power of the seas and oceans, and more involvement from deep-pocketed governments and companies should only accelerate the pace to find commercial, cost-effective solutions.
  According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China, General Administration of Customs and National Energy Administration of China, the data of China Ocean Energy Industry Research Report is authoritative.


Chapter 1 China Ocean Energy Industry Introduction
  1.1 About the Ocean Energy
    1.1.1 Definition
    1.1.2 Form
    1.1.3 Characteristic
    1.1.4 Classification
  1.2 Energy Analysis
    1.2.1 Advantages
    1.2.2 Disadvantages
Chapter 2 External Drivers of China Ocean Energy Industry
  2.1 Policy
    2.1.1 Macro-control policy
    2.1.2 New energy policy
    2.1.3 Ocean energy policy
    2.1.4 Market management policy
  2.2 Economy
    2.2.1 Gross domestic product
    2.2.2 Fixed-asset investments
    2.2.3 Social financing scale
    2.2.4 Total export-import volume
  2.3 Society
    2.3.1 Social employment
    2.3.2 Resident income
    2.3.3 Consumer prices
    2.3.4 Engel's coefficient
  2.4 Technology
    2.4.1 Tidal power generation
    2.4.2 Wave power generation
Chapter 3 China Ocean Energy Industry Performance
  3.1 Development Overview
    3.1.1 Executive summary
    3.1.2 Industry structure
    3.1.3 Industry feature
  3.2 Current Performance
    3.2.1 Market structure
    3.2.2 Market characteristic
    3.2.3 Industrial life cycle
  3.3 Industrial Competition
    3.3.1 Existing enterprises
    3.3.2 Potential competitors
    3.3.3 Threat of substitutes
  3.4 Market Analysis
    3.4.1 Production capacity
    3.4.2 Influence factors
    3.4.3 Supply scale
    3.4.4 Demand scale
  3.5 Financial Condition
    3.5.1 Economy scale
    3.5.2 Profitability capacity
    3.5.3 Operation capacity
    3.5.4 Debt paying capacity
  3.6 Regional Development of China Ocean Energy Industry
    3.6.1 Jiangsu
    3.6.2 Zhejiang
    3.6.3 Fujian
    3.6.4 Guangzhou
Chapter 4 Development of China Major Ocean Power Subdivided Market
  4.1 Tidal energy
    4.1.1 Distribution
    4.1.2 Installed capacity
    4.1.3 Tidal power station
    4.1.4 Prospects
  4.2 Offshore Wind Energy
    4.2.1 Distribution
    4.2.2 Installed capacity
    4.2.3 Offshore wind project
    4.2.4 Prospects
  4.3 Ocean Salinity Energy
    4.3.1 Distribution
    4.3.2 Installed capacity
    4.3.3 Energy station
    4.3.4 Prospects
  4.4 Ocean Thermal Energy
    4.4.1 Distribution
    4.4.2 Installed capacity
    4.4.3 Energy station
    4.4.4 Prospects
Chapter 5 China Ocean Energy Industry Investing Analysis
  5.1 Overview of Inbound Investment
    5.1.1 Investor
    5.1.2 Investment structuring
    5.1.3 Investment vehicles
    5.1.4 Investment Opportunities
  5.2 China Ocean Energy Industry Investing Situation
    5.2.1 Barriers to entry
    5.2.2 Capital intensity
    5.2.3 Capital entry scale
    5.2.4 Foreign capital entry
  5.3 China Ocean Energy Industry Investment Risks
    5.3.1 Macroeconomic risk
    5.3.2 Political risk
    5.3.3 Operational risk
    5.3.4 Technological risk
    5.3.5 Other risks
  5.4 China Ocean Energy Industry Investment Strategies
    5.4.1 Technical analysis
    5.4.2 Fundamental analysis
    5.4.3 Top-down investing
    5.4.4 Bottom-up investing
    5.4.5 Dividend investing
    5.4.6 Contrarian investing
Chapter 6 China Ocean Energy Industry Trends and Prospect Analysis from CIConsulting
  6.1 China Ocean Energy Industry Outlook
    6.1.1 Supply
    6.1.2 Demand
    6.1.3 Technology
  6.2 CIConsulting Prediction for Ocean Energy Industry, 2015-2019
    6.2.1 Scale
    6.2.2 Revenue
    6.2.3 Profit

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