China Wind Energy Industry Research Report
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  China has embarked on the greatest push for renewable energy the world has ever seen. The crisis in air pollution in many Chinese cities has added a further rationale for renewable energy - beyond the aims of energy security and lower carbon emissions.
  The Chinese government has set renewable energy as a strategic priority and supports the push for wind through a system of subsidies. The windiest regions, such as Xinjiang, tend to be extremely distant from the biggest cities where the electricity is most needed. And a glimpse of its future can be found beside the Silk Road in Xinjiang: along this ancient trade route stand white metallic forests of turbines, some completed, others waiting to be fitted with blades, and many more planned.
  According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China, General Administration of Customs and National Energy Administration of China, the data of China Wind Energy Industry Research Report is authoritative.


Chapter 1 China Wind Energy Industry Introduction
  1.1 About the Wind Energy
    1.1.1 Definition
    1.1.2 Characteristic
    1.1.3 Density
  1.2 Energy Analysis
    1.2.1 Advantages
    1.2.2 Disadvantages
Chapter 2 External Drivers of China Wind Energy Industry
  2.1 Policy
    2.1.1 Macro-control policy
    2.1.2 New energy policy
    2.1.3 Wind energy policy
    2.1.4 Market management policy
  2.2 Economy
    2.2.1 Gross domestic product
    2.2.2 Fixed-asset investments
    2.2.3 Social financing scale
    2.2.4 Total export-import volume
  2.3 Society
    2.3.1 Social employment
    2.3.2 Resident income
    2.3.3 Consumer prices
    2.3.4 Engel's coefficient
  2.4 Technology
    2.4.1 HAWT
    2.4.2 VAWT
Chapter 3 China Wind Energy Industry Performance
  3.1 Development Overview
    3.1.1 Executive summary
    3.1.2 Industry structure
    3.1.3 Industry feature
  3.2 Current Performance
    3.2.1 Market structure
    3.2.2 Market characteristic
    3.2.3 Industrial life cycle
  3.3 Industrial Competition
    3.3.1 Existing enterprises
    3.3.2 Potential competitors
    3.3.3 Threat of substitutes
  3.4 Market Analysis
    3.4.1 Production capacity
    3.4.2 Influence factors
    3.4.3 Supply scale
    3.4.4 Demand scale
  3.5 Financial Condition
    3.5.1 Economy scale
    3.5.2 Profitability capacity
    3.5.3 Operation capacity
    3.5.4 Debt paying capacity
  3.6 Regional Development of China Wind Energy Industry
    3.6.1 Inner Mongolia
    3.6.2 Sinkiang
    3.6.3 Gansu
    3.6.4 Hebei
    3.6.5 Shandong
    3.6.6 Others
Chapter 4 Development of China Major Wind Power Plant
  4.1 Huitengxile Wind Farm
    4.1.1 Introduction
    4.1.2 Installed capacity
    4.1.3 Financial Performance
    4.1.4 Prospects
  4.2 Dabancheng Wind Farm
    4.2.1 Introduction
    4.2.2 Installed capacity
    4.2.3 Financial Performance
    4.2.4 Prospects
  4.3 Rudong Wind Farm
    4.3.1 Introduction
    4.3.2 Installed capacity
    4.3.3 Financial Performance
    4.3.4 Prospects
  4.4 Nanao Wind farm
    4.4.1 Introduction
    4.4.2 Installed capacity
    4.4.3 Financial Performance
    4.4.4 Prospects
  4.5 Solar Air Conditioner
    4.5.1 Introduction
    4.5.2 Current performance
    4.5.3 Market scale
    4.5.4 Project investment
  4.6 Solar Lighting System
    4.6.1 Introduction
    4.6.2 Current performance
    4.6.3 Market scale
    4.6.4 Project investment
Chapter 5 Major Companies of China Wind Energy Industry
  5.1 China Wind Energy Industry Major Companies List
  5.2 China Wind Power
    5.2.1 Introduction
    5.2.2 Management efficiency
    5.2.3 Business operation
    5.2.4 Financial condition
    5.2.5 Prospects
  5.3 Longyuan Power
    5.3.1 Introduction
    5.3.2 Management efficiency
    5.3.3 Business operation
    5.3.4 Financial condition
    5.3.5 Prospects
  5.4 Datang Renewable Power
    5.4.1 Introduction
    5.4.2 Management efficiency
    5.4.3 Business operation
    5.4.4 Financial condition
    5.4.5 Prospects
  5.5 Other Players in China
    5.5.1 Huaneng renewable power
    5.5.2 Goldwind sience&technology
    5.5.3 Sinovel wind
Chapter 6 China Wind Energy Industry Investing Analysis
  6.1 Overview of Inbound Investment
    6.1.1 Investor
    6.1.2 Investment structuring
    6.1.3 Investment vehicles
    6.1.4 Investment Opportunities
  6.2 China Wind Energy Industry Investing Situation
    6.2.1 Barriers to entry
    6.2.2 Capital intensity
    6.2.3 Capital entry scale
    6.2.4 Foreign capital entry
  6.3 China Wind Energy Industry Investment Risks
    6.3.1 Macroeconomic risk
    6.3.2 Political risk
    6.3.3 Operational risk
    6.3.4 Technological risk
    6.3.5 Other risks
  6.4 China Wind Energy Industry Investment Strategies
    6.4.1 Technical analysis
    6.4.2 Fundamental analysis
    6.4.3 Top-down investing
    6.4.4 Bottom-up investing
    6.4.5 Dividend investing
    6.4.6 Contrarian investing
Chapter 7 China Wind Energy Industry Trends and Prospect Analysis from CIConsulting
  7.1 China Wind Energy Industry Outlook
    7.1.1 Supply
    7.1.2 Demand
    7.1.3 Technology
  7.2 CIConsulting Prediction for Wind Energy Industry Industry , 2015-2019
    7.2.1 Scale
    7.2.2 Revenue
    7.2.3 Profit

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