Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Cultural Industry, 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Cultural Industry, 2014-2018
  • Keywords: Cultural industry, Cultural market
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Chapter I Overview of cultural industry
  1.1 Definition and classification of cultural industry
    1.1.1 Definition of cultural industry
    1.1.2 Classification of cultural industry
    1.1.3 Composition of cultural industry
  1.2 Policies and related regulations of cultural industry
    1.2.1 Policy environment analysis of cultural industry
    1.2.2 Deep analysis of China cultural industry policies
    1.2.3 Related policies and regulations of cultural industry
Chapter II Analysis of cultural industry
  2.1 Analysis of the world cultural industry
    2.1.1 World cultural industry analysis
    2.1.2 U.S.
    2.1.3 Britain
    2.1.4 France
    2.1.5 Japan
    2.1.6 Korea
  2.2 Overall survey of China cultural industry development
    2.2.1 Demand-range analysis of China cultural industry development
    2.2.2 Impact of economic system environment on cultural industry
    2.2.3 Strategic significance analysis of developing China cultural industry
  2.3 Analysis of China cultural system reform
    2.3.1 Background and process of China cultural system reform
    2.3.2 Importance and necessity of China culture system reform
    2.3.3 Problems to be solved for promoting cultural system reform
  2.4 Competition analysis of cultural industry
    2.4.1 Competitive differentiation analysis of Chinese and foreign cultural industries
    2.4.2 Competitiveness analysis of cultural industry
    2.4.3 Competitiveness analysis of China tourism industry
    2.4.4 Competition analysis of other industry segmentations
  2.5 Problems existing in cultural industry and development strategies
    2.5.1 Order chaos and structure imbalance of domestic cultural industry
    2.5.2 Management system concept of cultural industry lags behind
    2.5.3 Related countermeasures and proposals of developing cultural industry
    2.5.4 Main strategies and countermeasures cultural industry implementing
Chapter III Analysis of culture industry segmentations
  3.1 Tourism
    3.1.1 Overall analysis of China tourism
    3.1.2 Analysis of tourism utilizing foreign capital
    3.1.3 Overview of Chinese culture tourism
    3.1.4 Development strategy analysis of tourism
  3.2 Film and TV industry
    3.2.1 Development overview of radio and TV industry
    3.2.2 Analysis of radio and TV industry in 2013
    3.2.3 Reform analysis of China radio and TV industry
    3.2.4 Development Strategy of film and TV industry
  3.3 Cartoon industry
    3.3.1 Overall analysis of China cartoon industry development
    3.3.2 Analysis of China cartoon industry in 2013
    3.3.3 Development analysis of China cartoon
    3.3.4 Problems existing in cartoon industry and countermeasures analysis
  3.4 Audio-visual industry
    3.4.1 Overall analysis of China audio-visual industry
    3.4.2 Policy analysis of China audio-visual industry
    3.4.3 Development of China audio-visual publishing industry
    3.4.4 Problems and strategies analysis of China audio-visual industry development
  3.5 Publishing industry
    3.5.1 Overall overview of China publishing industry
    3.5.2 Journals and newspapers publishing industry
    3.5.3 Reform development analysis of China publishing industry
    3.5.4 Problems China publishing industry facing and strategies
  3.6 Other segmentations
    3.6.1 Network game industry
    3.6.2 Training industry
    3.6.3 Cultural relics and protection of cultural relics
Chapter IV Regional market analysis of cultural industry
  4.1 Construction status of China cultural industry base
    4.1.1 Construction performance of Sichuan cultural industry base
    4.1.2 Development performance of Shanxi cultural industry base
    4.1.3 Introduction of Beijing cultural industry base
    4.1.4 Development and construction performances of Shanghai base
    4.1.5 Introduction of cultural industry bases in other regions
  4.2 Cultural industry analysis in key regions
    4.2.1 Guangdong Province
    4.2.2 Hunan Province
    4.2.3 Hubei Province
    4.2.4 Sichuan Province
    4.2.5 Hebei Province
    4.2.6 Beijing
    4.2.7 Shanghai
Chapter V Introduction of key cultural enterprises
  5.1 South Media Group
    5.1.1 Company introduction
    5.1.2 South Media Group launched new publications
    5.1.3 Multi-brand strategy analysis of South Media Group
  5.2 Beijing Capital Tourism Co., Ltd.
    5.2.1 Company introduction
    5.2.2 Operating status of Beijing Capital Tourism in 2012
    5.2.3 Operating status of Beijing Capital Tourism in 2013
  5.3 Shanda Entertainment Co., Ltd
    5.3.1 Company introduction
    5.3.2 Development course
    5.3.3 Shanda purchased domestic net game company Jintian S&T Development Co., Ltd
  5.4 Hengdian (Group) Co., Ltd.
    5.4.1 Company introduction
    5.4.2 Hengdian film and television city
    5.4.3 Development goals of Hengdian film and TV industry
  5.5 Introduction of other enterprises
    5.5.1 Shanghai Wenguang Media Group
    5.5.2 Xinhua Publishing House
    5.5.3 Shenzhen Tourism (Group) Company
    5.5.4 Sanchen Cartoon (Goup) Co., Ltd.
Chapter VI Investment analysis and prospect trend of China cultural industry
  6.1 Investment analysis of China cultural industry
    6.1.1 Investment review of cultural industry
    6.1.2 Investment characteristics of audio-visual industry
    6.1.3 Investment analysis of publishing industry
    6.1.4 Other cultural industry investment
  6.2 Development prospect of China cultural industry
    6.2.1 Development trend analysis of China cultural industry
    6.2.2 Development trend of China book publishing industry
    6.2.3 Future prospect prediction of China outbound tourism
    6.2.4 Prospect and plan of cultural industry during the "Twelveth Five Year Plan"

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