First Uyghur e-commerce platform launched in Xinjiang


   An e-commerce platform in the Uyghur language was launched in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyhgur Autonomous Region on Monday, becoming the first of its kind in the country.

  Owned by Xinjiang Bayilan E-commerce Company, Bayi Laoye joined China's enormous O2O market using both Mandarin and Uyghur languages on its website, offering shopping convenience for locals.

  Apart from local specialties like walnuts and raisins, it sells everything from cosmetics to clothes.

  "So far, there are more than ten local enterprises on Bayi Laoye," said Adli Ahat, marketing director of Xinjiang Bayilan E-commerce Company, "and we have reached agreements with over 2,000 factories from across the country."

  The website promises goods will be delivered directly from those factories to all major cities in Xinjiang in 48 hours. Bayi Laoye plans to build its own logistics system.

  "It is a must for traditional companies to learn from Internet Plus." Abdu Rahman, founder of Bayi Laoye told Xinhua.

  The online shopping platform aims not only to attract customers from China, but also people in Central Asia.