Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Tourism Industry, 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Analysis and Investment Consulting Report on China Tourism Industry, 2014-2018
  • Keywords: Tourism industry, Tourism market
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Chapter I Related overview of tourism
  1.1 Related definitions of tourism
    1.1.1 Related concepts of tourism industry
    1.1.2 Characteristics of tourism industry
    1.1.3 Position of tourism industry in the national economy
  1.2 Introduction of domestic tourism resources
    1.2.1 Tourism resources in China's main areas
    1.2.2 Typical tourist sites in China
    1.2.3 Other individualized sight spots
Chapter II Development status analysis of tourism
  2.1 Overview of China tourism
    2.1.1 Features of the development of China tourism
    2.1.2 China tourism entered fastly developing period
    2.1.3 Transformation and industrial policy choice analysis of China tourism
  2.2 Development analysis of China tourism 2011-2013
    2.2.1 Analysis on the ten focuses of China tourism in 2011
    2.2.2 Data analysis of China tourism Jan.-Jun. 2012
    2.2.3 Development situation of China tourism in 2013
  2.3 Electronic usage and network construction analysis of tourism industry
    2.3.1 Discussion on the development of electronic information technology in China tourism
    2.3.2 Status and element analysis of website construction in China tourism
    2.3.3 Development approach analysis of tourism network in the Yangtze River Delta
    2.3.4 Comparative analysis of tourism electronic commerce between China and the U.S.A and future prospect
  2.4 The fourth generation tourism and national culture
    2.4.1 Appearance of the fourth generation tourism
    2.4.2 Development model of folk tourism at home and abroad
    2.4.3 Development principles of folk tourism
    2.4.4 Content choice of folk tourism development
  2.5 Challenges China tourism facing and development countermeasures
    2.5.1 China tourism developing slowly
    2.5.2 Problems existing in China tourism
    2.5.3 Development measures of current China tourism
    2.5.4 Strategy in the development of China tourism
Chapter III Tourism market analysis
  3.1 Inbound tourism market analysis
    3.1.1 Industrial structure and position of inbound tourism
    3.1.2 Development status quo analysis of inbound tourism
    3.1.3 Consumption choice and consumption trend of inbound tourists
    3.1.4 Development trend of inbound tourism market and recommendations
  3.2 Tourism market competition analysis
    3.2.1 International competitiveness analysis of China tourism
    3.2.2 Market competition overview of China tourism
    3.2.3 Discussion on the talent competition in tourism
    3.2.4 Competition strategy of China tourism
  3.3 Market demand analysis of tourist consumers
    3.3.1 Types of tourist consumers
    3.3.2 Analysis of tourists’ destination election and purchase decision model
    3.3.3 Quantitative analysis method of tour demand
    3.3.4 Factors impacting domestic tourism demand of urban residents
Chapter IV Analysis of tourism industry segmentations
  4.1 Ecotourism
    4.1.1 Development survey of China ecotourism
    4.1.2 Ecotourism in the western region of China
    4.1.3 Analysis on construction driving mechanism of ecotourism area
    4.1.4 Problems ecotourism facing and development strategies
  4.2 Golden weeks tourism
    4.2.1 Development status of China golden weeks tourism
    4.2.2 Tourism review in different provinces and cities during the golden weeks of “1st, Oct.”
    4.2.3 Problems golden weeks tourism market facing and development strategies
  4.3 Red tourism
    4.3.1 Development survey of China red tourism
    4.3.2 Analysis of red tourism industry in some provinces and cities
    4.3.3 Problems existing in red tourism and development strategies
  4.4 Hot spring tourism
    4.4.1 Development overview of hot spring industry in different areas of China
    4.4.2 Development status quo of China hot spring tourism
    4.4.3 Introduction of famous springs in different areas
  4.5 Small tourism towns
    4.5.1 Development survey of China small tourism towns
    4.5.2 Construction of China small tourism towns and ecology
    4.5.3 Problems of small tourism towns and development strategies
  4.6 Theme park
    4.6.1 Status quo of China theme park
    4.6.2 Comparison of China’s typical theme parks
    4.6.3 Marketing strategy of theme park development
  4.7 Other tourism industries
    4.7.1 Industrial tourism
    4.7.2 Agricultural tourism
    4.7.3 Science and technology tourism
    4.7.4 Self-driving tourism
Chapter V Tourism listed companies analysis
  5.1 Overseas Chinese Tour
    5.1.1 Company introduction
    5.1.2 Operating status analysis of Overseas Chinese Tour in 2012
    5.1.3 Operating status analysis of Overseas Chinese Tour in 2013
  5.2 Young Tourist Holding Company
    5.2.1 Company introduction
    5.2.2 Operating status analysis of Young Tourist Holding Company in 2012
    5.2.3 Operating status analysis of Young Tourist Holding Company in 2013
  5.3 Capital Tourism Co., Ltd.
    5.3.1 Company introduction
    5.3.2 Operating status analysis of Capital Tourism in 2012
    5.3.3 Operating status analysis of Capital Tourism in 2013
  5.4 Lijiang Tourism Co., Ltd.
    5.4.1 Company introduction
    5.4.2 Operating status analysis of Lijiang tourism in 2012
    5.4.3 Operating status analysis of Lijiang tourism in 2013
  5.5 Guilin Tourism Co., Ltd.
    5.5.1 Company introduction
    5.5.2 Operating status analysis of Guilin Tourism in 2012
    5.5.3 Operating status analysis of Guilin Tourism in 2013
Chapter VI Investment analysis and prospect trend of tourism
  6.1 Tourism investment analysis
    6.1.1 Investment characteristics analysis of tourism
    6.1.2 Investment status quo of China tourism
    6.1.3 Investment trend forecast of China tourism
  6.2 Development prospect and trend of tourism
    6.2.1 Development prospect of international tourism
    6.2.2 China tourism outlook
    6.2.3 Development trend of China tourism market      

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