China Intelligent Building Industry Research Report
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  Intelligent buildings refer to buildings that have the infrastructure and systems capable of supporting convergence of IT and facilities, and supports employee mobility and trends such as BYOD.
  China is adopting intelligent and green buildings. The demand for intelligent buildings that are green is diverse.
  The confluence of forward thinking governments that are formulating policies and strategies to promote intelligent technologies, rising cost of energy, scarce real estate, are all driving the development of intelligent buildings.
  According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China and Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, the data of China Intelligent Building Industry Research Report is authoritative.


Chapter 1 China Intelligent Building Industry Introduction
  1.1 Industry Definition
  1.2 About the Industry
    1.2.1 Classification
    1.2.2 Features
    1.2.3 Meaning
  1.3 Industry at a Glance
    1.3.1 Background
    1.3.2 Development History
    1.3.3 Key Factors
Chapter 2 External Drivers of China Intelligent Building Industry
  2.1 Policy
    2.1.1 Official regulation
    2.1.2 National guidelines
    2.1.3 National standards
  2.2 Economy
    2.2.1 Worldwide economy behavior
    2.2.2 China economic growth
    2.2.3 Development Trends
  2.3 Society
    2.3.1 Population
    2.3.2 Energy consumption
    2.3.3 Awareness of environment protection
Chapter 3 China Intelligent Building Industry Performance
  3.1 Global Intelligent Building Industry Development Overview
    3.1.1 Executive Summary
    3.1.2 Market Entity
    3.1.3 Scale Analysis
  3.2 China Intelligent Building Industry Development Overview
    3.2.1 Executive Summary
    3.2.2 Market Entity
    3.2.3 Industry feature
  3.3 China Intelligent Building Industry Current Performance
    3.3.1 Economy Scale
    3.3.2 Influencing factors
    3.3.3 Market special features
    3.3.4 Strong Points
    3.3.5 Weak Pointes
Chapter 4 Major Companies of China Intelligent Building Industry
  4.1 China Intelligent Building Industry Major Companies list
  4.2 Tsinghuatongfang Co.,Ltd.
    4.2.1 Introduction
    4.2.2 Development history
    4.2.3 Market Position
    4.2.4 Financial Performance
    4.2.5 Projects
    4.2.6 Prospects
  4.3 Tellhow Sci-tech Co.,Ltd.
    4.3.1 Introduction
    4.3.2 Development history
    4.3.3 Market Position
    4.3.4 Financial Performance
    4.3.5 Projects
    4.3.6 Prospects
  4.4 Shanghai Yanhua Smarttech Co.,Ltd.
    4.4.1 Introduction
    4.4.2 Development history
    4.4.3 Market Position
    4.4.4 Financial Performance
    4.4.5 Projects
    4.4.6 Prospects
  4.5 Other Players in China
    4.5.1 Shanghai East-China Computer Co.,Ltd.
    4.5.2 Shenzhen Das Intelltech Co., Ltd.
    4.5.3 Taiji Computer Corporation Limited
Chapter 5 China Intelligent Building Industry Investing Analysis
  5.1 China Intelligent Building Industry Investing Situation
    5.1.1 Barriers to entry
    5.1.2 Capital intensity
    5.1.3 Capital entry scale
    5.1.4 Foreign capital entry
  5.2 China Intelligent Building Industry Investment Risks
    5.2.1 Business risk
    5.2.2 Market risk
    5.2.3 Reinvestment risk
    5.2.4 Technology risk
  5.3 Investment Opportunities
    5.3.1 Promotion opportunities
    5.3.2 Products options
    5.3.3 Foreign entity
Chapter 6 China Intelligent Building Industry Trends and Prospect Analysis from CIConsulting
  6.1 China Intelligent Building Industry Development Trends
    6.1.1 Industry trends
    6.1.2 Market trends
    6.1.3 Technology trends
  6.2 China Intelligent Building Industry Outlook
    6.2.1 Downstream Demand
    6.2.2 Competition
    6.2.3 Technology
  6.3 CIConsulting Prediction for China Intelligent Building Industry , 2015-2019
    6.3.1 Scale
    6.3.2 Revenue
    6.3.3 Profit

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