Investment and Forecast Report on China Logistics Industry, 2014-2018
  • Report Name: Investment and Forecast Report on China Logistics Industry, 2014-2018
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  Logistics is defined as a business planning framework for the management of material, products, service, and information. It describes the management of materials and service flow through an organization, from raw materials through to finished goods, or flow from the origin point to the consumption point in order to fulfill the the organization's specific goals. Modern logistics is the product of economic globalization, and also is an important service industry promoting globalization. In recent years, the modern logistics industry showed steady growth all over the world, and Europe, the United States, Japan have become the major worldwide logistics bases.
  China's logistics industry started relatively late, but with the rapid development of the national economy, the market demand of the logistics industry continues to expand. In the 21st century, under the influence of the country continuing to strengthen and improve macro-control policy, China's logistics industry maintain rapid growth, and with the continuous improvement of logistics system ,the industry has become more sophisticated and standardized.
  Since 2009, China's logistics industry is gradually recovering, and increasing the pace of integration of the logistics market, showing a significant seasonal and structural changes. At the national policy of expanding domestic demand driven, logistics of automotive, appliance, and electronic products show rapid growth; logistics demand from infrastructure construction and reconstruction has soared; logistics demand from agricultural, food and consumer goods show steady growth ; urban distribution , storage transit, freight courier maintain a rapid development momentum. From a regional perspective, the logistics industry in the eastern coastal areas got slowdown, influenced by the decline in external demand; based on domestic demand and the transfer of industries, the logistics industry in western regions still maintained a rapid growth rate.
  In 2010, economic and social development accelerated demand for logistics, and based on the steady operation in 2009, China's logistics industry backed to the channels of rapid growth .The rapid development of the logistics industry, on the one hand, played a fundamental role in ensureing national coordination and a smooth, rapid development; on the other hand, it has become an important means of the industrial restructuring, transformation of economic development, and developing points of economic growth.
  The future of China's logistics industry will enter a higher level of development, and presents some new trends and characteristics. With the rapid and steady development of national economy, the logistics industry will continue to expand rapidly; the logistics industry concentration will be further enhancedand to adapt to the policy of economic structure and industrial layout adjustment ; with the continual expanding market, the logistics division of labor within the industry will more and more detailed; logistics industry development of the institutional environment will become increasingly standardized, market order and environmental conditions will also be further optimized. "Logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan," and relevant supporting policies introduced by all levels of government create a favorable external environment for the development of China's logistics industry. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, China's economy is expected to maintain steady and rapid growth, and logistics industry is facing major development opportunities; specially, logistics in rural areas and logistics of retail market have an positive outlook for investment.
  If you want to have a systematic understanding of logistics industry or invest in related industries of logistics, Investment and Forecast Report on China Logistics Industry, 2014-2018 is a must-have tool.


Chapter I Related overview of logistics
  1.1 Definition and characteristics of logistics
    1.1.1 Definition and classification of logistics
    1.1.2 Nature of logistics
    1.1.3 Features of logistics industry
  1.2 Introduction of logistics system
    1.2.1 Concept and model of logistics system
    1.2.2 Components and characteristics of logistics system
    1.2.3 Elements and objectives of logistics system
Chapter II Analysis of logistics industry development
  2.1 Overview of international logistics industry development
    2.1.1 Overall overview of international logistics industry development
    2.1.2 Europe
    2.1.3 U.S.
    2.1.4 Japan
  2.2 Development review of China logistics industry
    2.2.1 Development background of China logistics industry
    2.2.2 Development characteristics of China logistics industry
    2.2.3 Policy system of China logistics industry
    2.2.4 Transnational corporations and China logistics industry
  2.3 Operation analysis of China logistics industry 2011-2013
    2.3.1 New progresses China logistics industry made in 2011
    2.3.2 Rapid growth of China logistics industry development in 2011
    2.3.3 Development of China logistics industry in 2012
    2.3.4 Development analysis of China logistics industry in 2013
  2.4 Development analysis of China logistics enterprises
    2.4.1 Overall survey of China logistics enterprises
    2.4.2 Brand analysis of logistics enterprises
    2.4.3 Development of China private logistics enterprises
    2.4.4 Problems of China logistics enterprises development and solutions
  2.5 Problems existing in China logistics industry development and development countermeasures
    2.5.1 Main factors restricting the development of China logistics industry
    2.5.2 China logistics industry development facing domestic disturbance and international pressure
    2.5.3 New thought of accelerating the development of China logistics industry
    2.5.4 Development proposals of China logistics industry
Chapter III Analysis of China logistics market
  3.1 Development survey of China logistics market
    3.1.1 Overall review of China logistics market development
    3.1.2 Demand hierarchical structure and ecological structure model of logistics market
    3.1.3 Operation of China logistics market in 2013
  3.2 Analysis of China logistics market demand
    3.2.1 Basic overview of logistics demand
    3.2.2 China logistics entering rapid growth period
    3.2.3 Factors impacting logistics market demand
  3.3 Analysis of China logistics market cost
    3.3.1 Analysis of China logistics cost
    3.3.2 Analysis of logistics cost level and way of optimization
    3.3.3 Thoughts and recommendations reducing the logistics cost during the "Twelveth Five Years"
  3.4 Analysis of China logistics market informationization
    3.4.1 Development status quo of China logistics informationization
    3.4.2 Existing problems of China logistics informationization and countermeasures
    3.4.3 Development prospect and trend of logistics informationization
  3.5 Analysis of China regional logistics market
    3.5.1 Beijing
    3.5.2 Tianjin
    3.5.3 Shanghai
    3.5.4 Pearl river delta region
    3.5.5 Western region
Chapter IV Analysis of logistics industry segmentations
  4.1 Air Logistics
    4.1.1 Development of air logistics industry
    4.1.2 Business model of air logistics enterprises
    4.1.3 Development strategy of China air logistics
  4.2 Port logistics
    4.2.1 Survey of China port logistics industry
    4.2.2 Development analysis of modern port logistics
    4.2.3 Problems China port logistics facing and development countermeasures
  4.3 Railway logistics
    4.3.1 Development of China railway logistics
    4.3.2 Analysis of railway developing modern logistics
    4.3.3 Management system analysis of centre radiation railway logistics
  4.4 Highway logistics
    4.4.1 Development of China highway transport industry toward logistics
    4.4.2 Problems existing in utilization rate of automobile in highway logistics transport and countermeasures
    4.4.3 Development countermeasures and trend of China highway logistics industry
  4.5 Postal logistics
    4.5.1 Development of China postal logistics
    4.5.2 Positioning analysis of China logistics business and postal goods business
    4.5.3 Expansion strategy of postal logistics business
  4.6 Other logistics
    4.6.1 Green logistics
    4.6.2 Reverse logistics
    4.6.3 Logistics equipments
Chapter V Development of other logistics and logistics in key industries
  5.1 Third party logistics
    5.1.1 Development survey of China third party logistics industry
    5.1.2 Analysis of China third party logistics market
    5.1.3 Problems existing in China third party logistics industry development and countermeasures
  5.2 Fourth party logistics
    5.2.1 Survey of China fourth party logistics
    5.2.2 Risks of China fourth party logistics development and preventions
    5.2.3 Development prospect of fourth party logistics industry
  5.3 Development overview of logistics in key industries
    5.3.1 Steel logistics
    5.3.2 Pharmaceutical logistics
    5.3.3 Automobile logistics
    5.3.4 Cold chain logistics
    5.3.5 Grain logistics
    5.3.6 Appliances logistics
    5.3.7 Chemical industry logistics
Chapter VI Introduction of key logistics enterprises
  6.1 Foreign logistics enterprises
    6.1.1 United Parcel Service of America
    6.1.2 Federal Express
    6.1.3 DHL Express
    6.1.4 TNT Express
  6.2 Zhongchu Development Stock Co., Ltd.
    6.2.1 Company introduction
    6.2.2 Operating status analysis of Zhongchu Development Jan.-Dec. 2012
    6.2.3 Operating status of Zhongchu Development in 2013
  6.3 Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co., Ltd.
    6.3.1 Company introduction
    6.3.2 Operating status of Sinotrans Air Transportation Development from 2012 to 2013
    6.3.3 Transformation of Sinotrans Air Transportation Development to first-class express logistics supplier
  6.4 China Shipping Development Co., Ltd.
    6.4.1 Company introduction
    6.4.2 Operating status of China Shipping Development in 2012
    6.4.3 Operating status analysis of China Shipping Development in 2013
  6.5 China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., Ltd.
    6.5.1 Company introduction
    6.5.2 Operating status of China Railway Tielong Container Logistics in 2012
    6.5.3 Operating status analysis of China Railway Tielong Container Logistics in 2013
Chapter VII Investment analysis and development prospect of logistics industry
  7.1 Investment analysis of logistics industry
    7.1.1 Investment opportunities
    7.1.2 Investment status quo
    7.1.3 Investment risks and preventions
  7.2 Development trend of China logistics industry
    7.2.1 Development outlook of China logistics industry
    7.2.2 China logistics market integration will be further strengthened
    7.2.3 Development prospect of China logistics industry during the "Twelveth Five Years"

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