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  • Local transport
  • Economic base
  • Industrial base
  • Industrial factors
  • Policy support
  • Performance capacity
  • Land conditions
  • Natural conditions
CI Consulting provides all-process professional services on the business site issues based on big data.
  • 01
  • Initial determination of site
  • Analysis on investment area distribution of similar projects
  • Research on industrial support policy
  • Cost analysis on production factors
  • Case study on project
  • 02
  • On-site review
  • Evaluation on regional investment environment
  • Due diligence on industrial carrier
  • 03
  • Project package
  • Planning on investment project package
  • Improvement of project setup grade
  • 04
  • Commercial negotiation
  • Negotiation strategy and plan preparation
  • Application for industrial support policy
  • Supervision after performance of contract
  • I) Our precise industrial big data and industrial map will help you find the proper area most rapidly
  • CI Consulting owns the industrial big data platform, which gathers the industrial information from 2000 counties and districts of China and continually updates 19 sectors and 59 industries. We can match the suitable investment fields according to the different demand. We ever helped a vehicle enterprise communicate with a few of dozens of investment promotion bureaus in the province within three days, and assisted a special equipment enterprise in completing communication, interview and signature of intention agreement within a week.
  • II)Our industrial research experience for 15 years will help you find the suitable field accurately
  • CI Consulting completes 100 industrial planning projects and issues 1000 industrial investment analysis reports every year in 15-year period of its industrial research. We have accumulated rich experience in industrial planning, enterprise investment and park operation. We can understand the demand of government, park and enterprise and provide professional implementation program. We helped an automobile post-market enterprise determine business site. Based on our deep investigation and systemic analysis to the automobile post-market of China, we concluded the market in the East China, South China, Central China relatively saturated but the market in the Northwest China is relatively blank, so we determined the region as the Northwest China. Finally, we recommended Lanzhou City and Xi'an City for option, and the client selected the New District of Lanzhou City.
  • III) Our reliable experience related to business site helps your enterprise seek for the best land lot
  • CI Consulting continually collects reserve, assignment and transfer of land lots in China, and issues industrial land use information by public number every week. We have the professional capacity in analysis of business site factors, evaluation and selection of land lots, negotiation on intentional land lot, and have obtained the best land lot for some projects. The professional business site team will meet the investment promotion bureau, development and reform bureau at the place of project after the project is set up, and review local industrial base and factors (water supply, power supply, gas supply and human resources), land supply area, land supply period, land price, traffic conditions and support policy.
  • IV)Our risk experience in project packaging and gaming with the government will help you seek for the best industrial policy
  • CI Consulting designs industrial policy, completes industrial project packaging for the government, draws up investment promotion conditions, and guides improvement in local software and hardware environment for long term, so we are familiar with project packaging, design of industrial support policy, negotiation skills. We will consider project packaging in view of regional industrial development, so it is easy to obtain the most suitable support policy. The support policy includes special allowance, tax reduction and exemption, industrial guidance fund, incubator, construction of standard workshops and etc., which may seek for the great support for your enterprise.
I) Site of production base of an automobile group co., ltd.
A very successful automobile model made in China by a group is being manufactured with full load at the headquarter due to good sales in the market. The group has acquired an automobile manufacture base in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province; and invested in a small base with annual output of 50,000 cars in Xinjiang, but it has not a manufacture base that can effectively influence the market in the Midwest China, so it entrusted CI Consulting to seek for a manufacture base with the best condition in the region. CI Consulting investigated more than 10 cities with better base of automobile industry in the Midwest China and recommended Chongqing as the targeted manufacture base after evaluation and selection. Chongqing is one of the most important manufacture bases of China, and one of every eight cars made in China is manufactured in the city. Nearly all of large-scale automobile corporations have established their manufacture bases in Chongqing. The group fully accepts our investigation and analysis and decides its business site in Chongqing. Now the group is negotiating about investment agreement with the government of Chongqing City.
II) Site of headquarter of smart logistics of an automobile group co., ltd. in South China
A modern logistics enterprise under a group has set up an operation department in South China. The Guangzhou Company of the enterprise leased its office in Guangzhou in the past, and now it decides to build up the headquarter of smart logistics in an area in the Pearl River Delta. This area should be about 200 mu and with outstanding location advantages. After accepting the entrustment, we sought and compared the targeted areas and found that the local governments in the Pearl River Delta have higher advancement requirements to projects. They do not accept any logistics project with low additional value. Based on long-term cooperation with the local governments on industrial consultation and investment promotion, we have determined an ideal land lot at Nanhai District, Foshan City for the enterprise after deep communications with more than ten parks managed by the governments.
III) Site of automobile mall project of a company of Shenzhen
A company situated in Shenzhen is the parent of Shengang Driver Training School, the largest driver training school in Shenzhen. This is a comprehensive company which businesses are involved with Internet, finance, real estate, high-tech, new energy taxi, logistics supply chain, sale and leasing of cars, driver training and large-scale training place, professional training, and capital operation. The company hopes to establish an automobile industry complex International Car Mall for the industry chain of automobile post-market. The company entrusts CI Consulting to determine the business site for the project.
Based on our deep investigation and systemic analysis to the automobile post-market of China, we consider the market in the East China, South China, Central China relatively saturated but the market in the Northwest China is relatively blank, so we determine the region as the Northwest China. Finally, we investigate the economic situation, industrial base, preferential policy, land resource and other factors of a few of major cities in the region and recommend Lanzhou City and Xi'an City for option, and the client selects to invest in Lanzhou City. CI Consulting assists the client in planning design for the investment project and the program is highly accepted by the government of New District, Lanzhou City. Four months after we provide the planning report to the government, the client signs the investment agreement with New District, Lanzhou City. The total investment of the project is RMB 10.6 billion and the land area is 4,000mu.
IV) Site of a new energy car and auxiliary project
  • 1 Name of project: business site of new energy car and auxiliary project
  • 2 Introduction to the project: an automobile enterprise intends to enter the field of new energy automobile, and it will mainly manufacture passenger cars, and manufacture some key parts and components. The enterprise entrusts us to determine business site in China.
  • 1)Requirements about business site:
  • a. Transport: the new energy car manufacturing plant requires convenient traffic conditions, including port and railway;
  • b. Economic development level: advanced urban economy and good industrial base are required; the local car market has certain scale. The government's purchasing behavior should be concurrently considered;
  • c. Industrial agglomeration: the effect of agglomeration is the major factor to be considered for determining the business site, and good automobile industry base and perfect auxiliary resources is the important reason that attracts whole car manufacturing plants enter;
  • d. Policy and tax: leader's attention and participation, industrial preferential policy, and efficient administrative promotion of government are the points accepted by the enterprise.
  • 2)Area:the land area under planning is 5,000mu, and the enterprise's auxiliary land use demand and future development demand are not considered temporarily.
  • 3)Capacity:the planned capacity is 300,000 cars.